Statement Analysis® Interviewing Techniques


In this one-day seminar, you will learn how to tell if someone is lying by examining how a person phrases his verbal or written statement. Even though people may lie and withhold information their words will betray them. People will give you more information than what they realize. The key to detecting deception is to listen to what people are saying and to know what to look for in their statement. After attending this seminar, you will begin to observe things in a verbal and written statement that you never noticed before.

This class is being hosted by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center

  • Date: 06/12/2018
  • Address: C.L. Hoover Opera House 135 W. 7th Street Junction City, KS  66441
  • Cost: $140
  • Website:
  • Contact Person: Mark McClish
  • Contact E-mail:
  • Contact Phone: 2523645375
  • Topics: Interviews, Internal Affairs, Investigations,

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