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The Deaf Sensitivity training class entitled I NEVER GAVE THAT A THOUGHT! has been re-scheduled from February 27th to Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 8am-12pm with an optional 1-hr. module about TBI/ABI (Traumatic Brain/Acquired Brain Injury). Right after that, a 3-hour class on blind sensitivity entitled I Didn’t See THAT Coming is scheduled. The class will be held at the WALLA WALLA POLICE DEPARTMENT, in Washington State at 54 E Moore St, ZIP 99362.

The 4-hour class delves into the many aspects of Deaf life in America and how a varied list of organizations can learn about their special needs in order to perform public safety duties to maximum efficiency and safety for the community AND law enforcement personnel. For patrol, detectives, dispatch, corrections, crisis intervention, animal control, front desk and other job titles in L.E. This class is a MUST to learn know how to interact with those who lack auditory and vocal acuity.

As a society with its own Deaf community and Deaf culture, without knowledge of how they function in the world of silence, those charged with protecting the community need attend to do justice to their assigned duties of working with residents and visitors alike. FACT: over 10% of the population are Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH). More so, in warmer climates. FACT: it is not all communication via ASL (American Sign Language) that is important; It’s knowing the inside feelings and emotions that makes us aware of just what it is this group needs and deserves.

To make reservations for the class, go to or Law enforcement personnel as well as government such as courts, jail (corrections), communications (dispatch), etc. all qualify for the $90 fee EACH for the deaf class and the blind class and $30 for the add-on module TBIABI class.

For more information, call our Portland, OR AREA office at 503 583-2247 or email

The 3-hour blind sensitivity class being given will be an inspiring experience. Learn what your instincts tell you to do may not be the right thing to do.

The TBI/ABI class is a 1-hour optional add-on at $30 p/p. It is not a stand alone class. As such it can only be added to either the Deaf or blind classes. Call to add that on to your reservation or make the reservation on-line at

Topics: Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Sign Language, Communications, Crisis & Hostage, Community Policing,

  • Date: 05/22/2018
  • Address: 54 E Moore St Walla Walla, WA  99362
  • Cost: $909030
  • Website:
  • Contact Person: Fred Greenspan
  • Contact E-mail:
  • Contact Phone: 5035832247
  • Topics: Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Communications, Sign Language, In-Service Training, Community Policing,

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