Criminal Intelligence and Analysis


Criminal Intelligence and Analysis 4.5-Day (36-hours)

For law enforcement professionals worldwide who wish to attain the professional title of “Certified Crime and Intelligence Analyst” (CCIA) and receive their government-issued credentials through the Certificate in Crime and Intelligence Analysis program sponsored by the California Department of Justice in cooperation with the California State University and University of California Systems, this class satisfies the Crime Analysis course requirement. Information about this Certification program can be obtained by clicking on this link ( or by contacting us at:

This course deals with the analysis of conspiratorial activities involved in such things as organized crime, narcotics trafficking, political corruption, and “rings” of all sorts (identity theft rings, credit card/fraud rings, auto theft rings, counterfeiting rings, child pornography rings, prostitution rings, and so on). Students learn how to determine the “players” in the conspiracy and how to link people to people, people to organizations, and people and organizations to events. Additionally, they learn what intelligence is and what it is not, how to use the 5-Step process of the Intelligence Cycle to transform information into intelligence and how to identify sources of information, data and intelligence. Participants will also be shown how to prepare event flow diagrams and how to use these diagrams and accompanying link charts to prepare complex cases for courtroom presentations. Students then use all of the techniques presented in the course to prepare a formal Intelligence briefing. This course is a “must” for intelligence officers and analysts, as well as managers that may have little experience with the intelligence function but who have been charged with supervising an Intelligence and Analysis Unit.

  • Date: 08/27/2018
  • Address: 120 Wilkinson Ave Cary, NC  27512
  • Cost: $595
  • Website:
  • Contact Person: Diana
  • Contact E-mail:
  • Contact Phone: 9496005196
  • Topics: Intelligence,

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