I’m Martin Holloway. I’m a current law enforcement officer of 18 years as well as a law enforcement trainer. I’m a regular guy with a family and I’ve had the honor to work as a local, state and federal law enforcement officer.

In addition to my day job, for the past 8 years I’ve operated hollotec.com, a mobile training company that teaches lock picking and specialized entry techniques to members of law enforcement and the military.

You and I are probably alike in finding frustration when trying to find law enforcement training courses. Sure, there are places to find a class, but it’s not immediately apparent what you’ll take away from that class.

ThinBlueTraining.com was born to solve that problem. We the only law enforcement training calendar of its kind where:

  • Trainers list their classes for FREE
  • Agencies list their jobs for FREE
  • Officers search it all for FREE

Check out the #1 law enforcement podcast, Thin Blue Training, where Martin interviews the trainers of these companies to dig deep into the courses they offer.

Check out the calendar. Check out the jobs board. These are free resources for law enforcement officers.

It’s all about outcomes. Join me for the next podcast and check out our calendar for your next class. 

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